Worthy Wednesday

Topic: Delights of the Day
For driven people like me, it's hard whilst trying to achieve goals, to remember that each day is a new day and we must find delight in each and every day to justify our existence in a meaningful way.
But this year I'm doing a reflective journal, I write down one positive thing each day that I've experienced. I enjoyed doing it daily in January:
February I was doing well until my mom died, then I got lost in a whirlwind of grief:
But as March progresses I'm again enjoying the experience of daily finding one positive experience to make a note of!
Some days it's as simple as progress on a sewing project! Other days when it seems all I have done is tedious housework it's harder to find the positive, but there's always one there, it's just a matter of perspective. Any day I can smile is a day with positivity: