My Sewing Machines

I own 20+ sewing machines!

My everyday machine is a Juki TL2010Q:

She is very simple and designed with quilting in mind, for $900 she came with a walking foot, 1/4" guide foot and a darning foot. I like that it can hold large spools and cones and it came with a fairly large extension table which you can see in the background of the pic. It is a straight stitch only machine, but I have other machines I can use for zig zag, decorative stitches and buttonholes, but I rarely use those functions.

Before I found my LOVE of the JUKI this was my favorite modern machine a Brother Quilting and Sewing machine that cost me $200 in late 2012 at Walmart, I still love this machine, it is light, easy to use and has plenty of functionality for a cheap machine:

This little workhorse is a wonderful machine!!! I still take it to classes if I need to do quilting in the class, it is lightweight and easy to use.
I also have cheap model Brother embroidery machine I have never used. I wish there were more hours in the day!!

Some of my Vintage Collection

I got this Singer 185J at the Salvation Army for about $60 in 2015:

My friend Patty gave me this 401a when I was helping her clean out her garage for a garage sale:

So I named her Patty

This little bargain was $10 at Goodwill in July 2014

My June 2014 acquisition was $50 in a thrift store it is a 1955 Singer model 15 in a wood cabinet:

A May 2014 acquisition that excited me beyond belief was this $40 Singer Rocketeer made in 1961, I had wanted one for ages because of the retro mid century modern styling:

And this Singer 301 had been on my want list for a while as it's a great lightweight machine to take to classes. These are often referred to as the big brother or sister of the featherweight. Hubby needs to give her some TLC but she goes:

I named this little darling Opal, because her coloring reminds me of opal gemstones, she was $75 and I have pieced a quilt with her, she sews like a dream.

purchased March 2014 $75

Black shoe polish also improves the appearance of the box!!

My 1956 Singer 201 Mavis:

I purchased her fully serviced and rewired off eBay on December 22nd 2013 then bought the bentwood box off eBay separately 10 days later to match her, so all up she cost me about $500 but she was worth it, she sews beautifully and is a great backup machine when my new Pfaff is in for repairs (frequently!) I polished the box with Parker & Bailey Lemon Oil Polish which works beautifully but I don't use it on the Singer logo part of the box.

Daisy my Elgin knee operated cabinet model sewing machine, she was $38.50 in an antique store in the Rocky Mountains somewhere in September 2013, when we were out sightseeing for the day:

She needed her timber touched up with a little Howards restore a finish but that is an easy 10 minute quick fix.

My 3 toy machines all purchased during 2013:

This Pfaff was about $69 but it even came with it's own case which you can see behind it on the shelf!

I haven't named the toy machines

And my Treadle named Illinois purchased from an antique mall in castle Rock CO for $200 in mid 2013:

I also found this vintage wooden sewing box at a thrift store for about $10 - $15 in 2013:

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