It is finally August which is time for Pets on Quilts...

The Linky Party Competition is being hosted by: so if you have a pet inspired project enter it but otherwise pop on over and check out the beautiful works.

Here is my entry for Dogs on Quilts:

This is Ebony and Henry with the quilt

I got the patterns for the 3 paper pieced dogs from this wonderful book I got in a thrift shop for $2:

Henry loves the quilt (and my lap)

It is the perfect lap blanket for a 'dog person' like me

Me embroidering one of the dogs

An applique Henry in the planning phase before I sewed him on

Planning the Ebony applique block

The embroidered Ebony

Henry appliqued onto the patchwork dog prints background

The first paper pieced block (Ebony)

Henry's floppy ear

Beginning to add some color, which I improvised as I went

My husband had 3 dachsunds growing up, so one  block is a tribute to them

Paper pieced Henry
I LOVED making this quilt and I learned a new technique whilst making it, I had never done paper piecing before until this quilt! I hope you enjoy it too.