Epic Day!

Today felt productive but hectic, I got so much done!

I began by clearing out my quilty email which had about 40 emails I needed to deal with!

Then I produced this YouTube video

Inspired by a quilter who I blocked from my Adventurous Quilters Facebook group yesterday for trying to get other members to email her my previous patterns.

Then I had to design this scissors FPP block so I could finish a project...

I love how it turned out even though I forgot to check the mirror box in EQ so my sewing machine printed out backwards 🤣😂

And I thought I'd share this meme with you, I created it this morning after designing a quilt in my head as I tried to go to sleep last night.

I wish I could share the fun new quilt design but I promised myself I wouldn't until I finish pattern testing Alphabet Adventures, Elaborate Adventures and More Treasured Adventures.