UFO Progress

After weeks of organizing in my studio - along with sewing scraps and orphan blocks, today I graduated!
 I finished enough of my organizational tasks to move on to working on this UFO👏
 I made two blocks today and have nine more to make. I plan to finish this by the end of the month because it's my August project for the Castle Rock Quilt Club UFO challenge.

There's still plenty on my to-do list but it's better than it was a month ago!
This morning I also finished cutting up all the thrifted wool clothing that had been sitting around all year! 6 pieces of clothing! It took about 90 mins!

 I also finished the last few orphan block dog beds/floor cushions for donation.
16 in total, most made in the last few weeks😲
 8 are already stuffed with fabric and batting scraps like this:
The other 8 I will stuff as I generate tiny useless scraps from the Green Bag Lady Parker chapter and my own sewing scraps in the year to come.