Stash Revamp

My sewing stash has been undergoing a revamp for a couple of years now.
 Today I spent ALL day reorganizing it!
This has been a long process (2 years) but well worth it to get my stash to be what I want.

I love how my vision is working out!

The basic principles of my stash now:

  1. I mainly buy blenders/tonals 
  2. I sort blenders/tonals by color
  3. I buy white, black and grey solids in bulk for use as background fabric
  4. I occasionally buy significant yardage of other solid colors on an as needs basis
  5. I rarely buy print fabric
  6. When I do buy print fabric I buy 3 or 4 yards for quilt backs
  7. I keep batiks separate from the blenders/tonals (but can poach from there to use as blenders)
  8. I keep bold modern prints (like Kaffe, Tula Pink and Amy Butler) separate because I tend to use them differently. 
  9. I pulled everything that doesn't suit the above principles and made a priority destash basket to make charity projects with.
Today's reorganization of my stash was well worth the effort! It still needs to be folded more neatly but it took all day just to sort the fabric so fatigue had set in! Time for a glass of wine!