2021 Broader Thinking

If you have read my Goals blog page you know I am all about lifelong achievement and self improvement! I am incredibly happy with my progress creatively and professionally but one main area I would like to improve on in the coming year is finding time for my secondary interests! My mind is constantly busy! I think it comes with the territory as a creative individual but it can make me obsessive and overly focused on my creative plans & goals! 

In 2021 I again plan to share more of my broader life and non-quilty plans and goals in an effort to keep focus on finding that time I need! I always thought of it as a work/life balance! But...

One of my 2021 plans is to read more! I have started a Book Club tab on the blog to share about what I am reading in 2021, I have finished Stacey Abrams book Lead from the Outside during December so go check out my quick summary/review:

She has a very interesting take on the theme of work life balance, that truly struck a chord with me! 
Quote: "I reject the idea of work-life balance. It is a myth." then later goes on to say "The relentless pursuit of this unachievable end results in hours of self loathing "
She explains that balance presumes the even distribution of weight! OMG that is a revelation!
For many years I have tried to achieve work-life balance and now I understand why I wasn't able to and NEVER will! Nor should I try!
Stacey explains it is more like WORK-LIFE JENGA! A game of strategy and making the best move, one at a time! I do EXACTLY that daily but always felt that it wasn't quite enough! IT IS!
Another quote from the book that I truly love is:
"Beliefs are not inherently problematic; indeed, they are critical anchors."

January I am reading The Truths We Hold by Kamala Harris:

It is my 2nd year sharing my fitness goals on the blog and this year I have simplified my plan more than last year in a hope it will be easier to adhere to! My focus is core strength gain, I m planning to achieve that through a year long plank challenge! I am sharing about that on my Fitness Challenge tab.