Charity Fundraiser

About a year ago I designed my Kamala & Ruby quilt block to honor our Vice President and all the women who throughout history have paved the way for her to become VP:

Throughout 2021 it was available in my Etsy store with the proceeds going to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Earlier this week I donated $150 to TMCF because of those sales!
I made a cute wall quilt with my block and it hangs in my sewing studio.

The cute borders I added really gave the block some extra pizzazz:
Fundraising patterns are popular in the industry but many people donate only 10% or 20% of the sale price to the charity! I consider that to be a money making venture not a fundraiser! 
My donation is equal to  more than 59% of the sale price. So the almost 41% of the sale price that I actually get pays for the Etsy listing, FPP paper, printer ink, fabric etc. that are utilized when designing and pattern testing a complex FPP block. I consider my time spent a gift to the charity I am designing the fundraiser for. 
Beware the fine print when buying fundraising patterns ensure that a significant amount is being contributed to the organization cited, obviously designers utilize their own resources which can be costly but they should be donating some of their time if they are expecting you to donate money! 
If you are unsure you can always consider donating directly to the charitable organizations to ensure your money helps those who need it.