HSTs are such fun!

Do you ever just throw HSTs on your design wall/floor and play with layout?!

I did yesterday afternoon and this was the layout I decided on for this Harmony Art Organic Design sateen scrap quilt:

I love how these fabrics are looking together!
This array of fabrics is leftover from several prior projects:
The fabrics:

- HA organic sateen in the Tarragon and Orchid color ways. 

- HA sateen in the Vein print (light and dark blue; the dark blue I hand dyed with royal blue RIT)

- HA natural undyed sateen which I dyed with cochineal (pink) and turmeric (yellow)

Check out my Harmony Art tab for more info on fabric stockists and prior projects I've made with HA fabrics. 

I did get this quilt center put together today and started piecing the borders that will surround it.

I'm really loving this color palette!