Seeing Green

I'm continuing with scrappy improv piecing. Yesterday I worked on medium greens:

I ended up with 41 blocks to add to the project box which now has over 200 blocks in it! Add that to the already full box that has about 300 in it and it's more than 500 scrappy quilt blocks for future projects and I have half a dozen colors/tones left to sew blocks with. Next time I'm in the studio I'll focus on dark greens. 

Beige Improv

Yesterday I made 29 beige scrappy improv blocks:

I added them to the current project box which is filling up fast. Tomorrow I'll work on green. 
This is the second project box I have containing these blocks. The previous box contains 300+ six inch improv blocks. 

I hope watching this is inspires some people to start working with their hoard of scraps! Here's a few tips to get you started: 

Step 1 - sort fabrics

  1. Sort fabrics by color 
  2. Some colors may need to be sorted into sub groups e.g. light green, bright green, dark green, sage green...
Step 2 - prep
  1. Press fabrics as needed (remember they'll be pressed a lot as part of the FPP block construction so only press really wrinkly stuff)
  2. Cut large pieces into strips
  3. Cut charm squares size pieces in half 2 ways (some in triangles, some in rectangle)
  4. Sort fabrics into size/shape piles to speed up the piecing process
  5. Cut scrap paper to your desired size to use as the foundation. I like 6" squares. 
Step 3 - block construction, here's a recent YouTube video I uploaded that explains my process.
There are so many patterns you could use these for! Due to our upcoming move it'll be 2023 before I get a quilt or more likely several quilts made using these blocks but I'm excited about the prospect. I have about 500 blocks made so far. 

Scrappy Sewing

I've been trying to tackle my scrap hoard for months. Well years actually LOL. Yesterday I sewed 3 improv blocks with black and white fabrics and added them to the future project box. It's funny how few black and white fabric scraps I had! After doing dark blue last week and making 71 blocks, it was a nice change. 
I also made a scrappy dog bed for the apartment we'll live in temporarily once our belongings are shipped to Australia in about 4 weeks. 


It's entirely stuffed with scraps and made from scraps apart from the zipper I used to make the outer cover removable and washable. 
I've spent lots of time this year organizing scraps, I have most of them color and size sorted in Tupperware containers I have thrifted. So they'll stay organized during the move. I've also sewn mostly scrap projects this year to demolish some of them. 

It's so great to know that when my scraps arrive in Australia they'll be organized. 

Vintage Vibe

I surround myself with vintage items. 
Recently I thrifted, painted and distressed this set of metal drawers. 
Yesterday I filled them with fat quarters so that they aren't empty when the removalists come to pack our stuff up in 4 weeks ready for the move to Australia. 
I totally adore this!

Pull a Project Box

On Saturdays I share a WIP/UFO/future project. This week I'm featuring a Large Quadrant Stars quilt in solids. 
I've made 10 blocks and am planning to make 18 or 25 in total. Maybe 2024 is the year this'll get finished. 2023 will be a busy year with our international move back to Australia.