I spy with my little eye...

The bottom of my scrap basket!!!

I spent half the day cutting scraps yesterday! When I started that basket was overflowing!!! I cut them into a variety of sizes.

The scrappy strips bowl ended up overflowing by the time I finished! I think I'll make a large QAYG scrappy tote bag soon to use up these and some batting scraps 👌

I also cut 5" squares:

6" squares which made that basket overfull too, so I really need to get some disappearing four patches done ASAP!

A whole pile of my favorite size squares 2.5"

This time I even cut some 1.5" squares, I usually don't cut scraps that small but in my quarterly E-zine I issued a tiny piecing challenge... So I better lead by example 🤣😜

And heaps of 2" squares got added to my 2" squares drawer:

It's such a great feeling to get the scrap situation under control! 

That's why I named my Quarterly Quilt Adventures E-zine scrap usage challenge Scrap Satisfaction.

Click on my QQA tab for a link to Craftsy or my website to download a free PDF of my E-zine.