Monday Motivation

Mondays are all about finding the motivation for the week ahead! That's not difficult on the first Monday of the year as we revel in our new plans, goals and aspirations for the new year.

But some days can feel unfocused. Today was a bit like that for me as I did a million little things rather than work on one project. So I decided to take the time to set up my studio WIP White Board with my January To-do List. Here's my brief Youtube video explaining the new categories and my January tasks:

Once that was done I moved on happily to my multitude of little tasks! Feeling like you have a plan helps with motivation.

First I made 12 face masks:

Then I pieced a scrappy quilt back from large pieces of leftover fabric used in previous projects:
I made two scrappy nine patches for a long term project:
I made one eye spy nine patch for my rainbow eye spy long term project:
I made two FPP blocks of the letter E for my Scientific Adventurous quilt:
And I pressed my Human Harmony quilt top which is my UFO focus for January and hung it on my design wall ready to add borders to it later this week! 
I printed my UFO tracking sheet and wrote the January task on it:
The remaining months I'm leaving blank until I choose which UFO each month based on my mood: 
It's so fabulous to tick so many little tasks of my to-do list on my first big sewing studio day of the year!