Organic Sateen Pants

Today I am wearing a new pair of crop pants that I completed late last week, so I got some photos on my morning walk:

The fabric is Dee Dots sateen by Harmony Art Organic Design. You can buy the fabric here:
They pair well with a simple white tank top and this cute black linen over-shirt I bought in a thrift store a while ago.
The fabric is absolutely divine, it drapes well and the simple white on black is a timeless style, I feel like I will get many, many years of use from these!
I also think they would look great with a denim jacket in cooler weather!
I added a simple cell phone pocket to the back! I generally find it hard in store bought clothing to get pockets deep enough for a cell phone these days!
This outfit is great with a simple pair of black Birkenstocks, ballet flats or I could even dress it up more with heels!
They are super comfortable and I  think I have finally got my self drafted pants pattern the way I wanted it.
It is always soooo fun to wear something you have made yourself!