Loss of my Sewing Buddy

A week ago today my darling sewing buddy Ebony the Maltipoo passed away.

She was the only one of our three dogs that liked to hang out in the sewing room with me.
She'd snuggle up on any fabric that was on the floor:

Occasionally our other dogs would visit briefly and they'd all snuggle up on the rug for a snooze:

She begrudgingly played the role of supermodel occasionally for me:
She featured in one of my earliest quilt projects:
I hand embroidered a picture of her (middle left block).

She loved sitting on quilts, especially when I photographed them:

And she loved picnics and quilt photography outings:

We were lucky to have her in our lives for 12+ years! But she was blind, deaf and had congestive heart failure so it was time to let her rest before the heat of summer really set in which we knew she wouldn't be able to tolerate well this year.

Rest in Peace baby girl.