Thursday, 17 April 2014

Triangle Quilt-a-long

I finished my triangle quilt! I made this one for one of my best friends because she gave me the fat quarter bundle for my birthday.

I put the rows together last weekend at quilt retreat:

I started this quilt on the Pfaff I have since traded in.

Then today I began quilting it in a meandering FMQing:

I did some of the quilting on my old brother machine that I am confident using and some on my brand new Juki that I only got yesterday!

I adore the backing fabric I chose, I am using it for the binding too.

The backing fabric had to be joined because the quilt was wider than 45" and both my other machines were set up to FMQ today, so I used the $20 Singer 306k I got this week for that! So I have used four different sewing machines to make this one lap quilt LOL

 Check out Sassy Quilter, the link is on my right side bar to see all the other triangle quilts. There will be some more photos at a later date, for the big reveal of the completed quilts!

Thrifty Thursday

I found these books in a thrift store a couple of weeks ago, they were buy four get one free and each book was 69c, so the 5 books cost less than $3 all up!

Adventurous Quilter

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Moda not earning reputation in my opinion

I sewed this block on the weekend whilst I was at quilt retreat, just to practice my points:

Then after sewing the block I noticed something in the top right corner: 

Do you see the spelling error? 

All those in the sewing room when I discovered the misspelling agreed that virgina is way too close to vagina to be printed on fabric!! Moda has confirmed the misprint and their customer service left a little to be desired in my opinion!!!!!!!!

This was my email to them:
Please see attached photos of a Moda mini charm pack I received in a Fat Quarter Shop mini charms of the month club. I was sewing this block on the weekend at a quilt retreat and noticed the misspelling of Virginia on the fabric in the top right corner of the block. Can you tell me if this was an error in the fabrics design and production process or if there is some historical significance to the misspelling that I and the other quilters I was with are unaware of?

This was the reply:
 Thank you for writing with your question about the spelling on the fabric.  Unfortunately, it was a human error and not historical.The misspelled word was discovered after the printing of the fabric. At that time, there was nothing to be done to correct it.Thank you for taking the time to write.  We always appreciate hearing from our customers. It was very kind of you. 

Hope you enjoyed your retreat!

So they are selling factory seconds at full price and there isn't even a sorry included in the reply!!!

Then I sent this email to the retailer the Fat Quarter Shop:
Please see the email below with a response from Moda regarding a spelling error in a mini charm pack I received as a part of your mini charm pack club. I am appalled that they continued to sell the fabric despite the error, I think that we individual quilters don't have the power to change such substandard business practices. I would appreciate it if you as the retailer would contact them as well and tell them that this is unacceptable! 

And this was Kimberley's reply:
Thank you for emailing.  I am very sorry this has happened.  Would you like a replacement mini charm packs sent by me?  This is  very rare and I am very sorry this has happened.

She managed to work sorry into that email twice!! I declined the offer of a new charm pack and requested she follow up with Moda and said "Moda should be reminded that they need to earn the reputation for quality fabrics not just serve us up their factory seconds as if there is nothing wrong with them."

The Fat Quarter shop knows what customer service is, Moda does not! Rant over.