Pattern Design Fun!

I am constantly seeing images that make me want to design a quilt block, but I never have time to do it all. But my recent hiatus from sewing has helped me find the time to get some designs out of my head and into the design software. 
This is one of my latest block patterns designed to use up scraps. I simply called it Scrappy Bird.

North African Adventures Quilt Design

I've been extremely unwell for a week, but yesterday I was well enough to sit at the computer all day!

So I finally designed my North African Adventures quilt pattern!

I still have to pattern test all the components except the camel (which is already in my Craftsy store), so the full pattern will be in my Craftsy store some time soon.

A new Pattern Design

I had a severe migraine last week that left me with right sided weakness, I am still having daily migraine symptoms and taking a steroid to try to break the migraine cycle, whilst I wait for physical therapy to start soon.
In the mean time I don't like using stairs ATM so I have not been in my basement sewing studio. 
Today is the first day I have had the energy to think about sewing but I still did not want to traverse the stairs whilst my husband is at work, so I decided to design a pattern that has been in my head for weeks. Here it is my Muscle Car paper pieced quilt block:

I designed several other blocks too but they are in preliminary stages ATM

Free Block Pattern of the Week

This week's Adventurously Epic Sampler free block pattern 

It makes a great one block quilt too

So follow the link on my 2017/18 BOW tab above to download now.

It's a little quiet here on my blog at the moment because I am struggling with some health issues ATM, but I'll be back sewing soon 😍...

Something from Nothing

After all these years of refining my skills and investing in a fantastic array of beautiful fabrics... I still love ugly scrappy quilts. I love to make 'something from nothing'

Several years ago after making this favorite quilt of mine

I made a couple of dozen 12" improv pieced squares to make another pieced quilt back like that one. But in the end this week I decided to add some solid fabric to slightly enhance the ugly blocks. I am not sure if it'll be a quilt back or front but I am glad it is not just a pile of ugly blocks taking up space in my studio anymore!

If it ends up a quilt top rather than back I imagine it quilted in green thread and bound with a green scrappy binding to help that green star pop.

Retro Love Quilt Planning

I made this 9 patch variation block in high school textiles and design class at Narrabri High School in NSW Australia sometime between 1985 and 1989!

Recently I decided I want to make a whole quilt of them!

I already had this fabric leftover that I bought from Wooden Spools to use once before with some retro fabrics for a charity quilt that i finished a couple of years ago.

And I have started hoarding fabrics that I think look retro enough to really blend well with my 1980s florals! I found this fat quarter bundle at Wooden Spools this week YAHOO, so perfect!

And all this as well during my last two visits

So I have plenty of retro florals and I have decided to make this quilt double sided.
Side two will probably be a slight pattern variation just for fun!

I couldn't imagine how this quilt layout would look and was too lazy to do an EQ layout. So I just googled images of nine patch quilts and found this pattern on Craftsy, I don't need a pattern to make this but I did enjoy se…

Hexstargon Quilt Block Pattern

My Pentagonal Star quilt block is my most popular so I got to thinking and decided to design a hexagon based star block! So here it is my Hexstargon 

The pattern is now for sale in my Craftsy store

I also created a couple of quilt layout diagrams to give buyers ideas for layout: