Zoe is Snuggly Warm 👌

Zoe our Dorkie is perpetually cold. She sits on heat vents a lot and snuggles under quilts.

I finished her first knitted dog jacket last night after unknitting the original version from a couple of days ago and restarting.

This one is much better, it fits okay and she will be warm in it because it is very densely knitted.

I've had the awesome red yarn since we lived in Australia 6+yrs ago!! It's a delightful Seam Sheep yarn.

Now I can focus on finishing this scarf I'm working on! I'm loving the pattern I have created which is quite simple:

Cast on 22 stitches
K2 P1 on every row

The 22 not being divisible by 3 off sets the pattern perfectly and both sides are the same so it's great for a scarf. I'm very interested in the mathematics of knitting 😂🤣 crazy but fun 👌💖

TV crafting

I haven't had much time to sew in my studio this week but I've done lots of slow stitching with wool applique at two wool group meetings and I've been knitting a lot.

I knitted a dog jacket for Ebony the Maltipoo which she seems comfortable and warm in 💖👌 and it suits her.

Then I knitted one for tiny 7lb Zoe, the chunky yarn looks a bit ludicrous on her, I'll have to try again with a finer yarn but at least I've workout out a size for her length and diameter. She's perpetually cold so hopefully it'll help.

I am enjoying knitting because I can do it whilst watching TV.

Knitting Again

I learned the absolute basics of knitting as a child but have never really gotten into the craft seriously. I've made a few scarves sporadically through my life, I seem to try knitting again every five or ten years. 
I'm currently having a knitting fascination revival, but this time I decided to try a beanie...
This is the finished product: 

I think I'll try making a knitted dog jacket next 👌💖

I also added borders to my scrappy brown nine patch quilt yesterday, organized a backing for it from my stash and cut the batting off the roll so I'm ready to spray baste it when weather allows...

Wool Applique

Recently I've started learning wool applique 💖

Today was one of the monthly wool applique gatherings I go to, and this snowman is one of the small projects I worked on today 👌

I've also started knitting a beanie! I'm a barely proficient knitter and haven't knitted for several years so we'll see how this goes!

Quilt Photography

The Adventurously Epic Sampler quilt off my bed was due for a wash, so first I decided to take it on a quilt photography expedition around the neighborhood 💖 

My favorite peaceful grove was a great spot to sit and relax for a while.

The dogs love these expeditions 👌💞

Refresh and Restart

Adventurous Quilter life has been hectic throughout 2019! I've drafted 12 quilt books to publish all my patterns from 2013 to present! I still have four in the pattern testing phase!

But after launching my Alphabet Adventures book and my Perfect Points Ruler  in the past 2 weeks I felt like I needed a brief break from pattern testing and quilty work!

So late this week I've been working on scrappy nine patches!

I 💖 scraps and I 💖 nine patches 👌

The scrappy squares of brown and yellow were so pretty I had to photograph them!

Then I photographed the Kona snow I cut from yardage to go with them! 💖💖💖

These nine patches I made will go into the border of a scrap quilt I have been working on for a couple of years.

I'm working with yellow and brown because it's my Scrap Satisfaction Challenge color through until the end of January.

I'm sewing the blocks on my brand new Juki TL18QVP it's absolutely fabulous!

I also pulled out an old UFO of brown scrappy nine patche…