Friday, 29 August 2014

Hexies and Bulk Buy Bags

I am trying to avoid starting a new quilt because Tuesday next week I will be travelling to Australia for 10 days and I hate to be mid-quilt when I'm away.

So yesterday I cut a few hexies:

Okay maybe more than a few but it is a 16hr flight from Dallas to Brisbane!!

And this year I am determined to refresh my stash by using up fabrics that are leftovers I doubt I'll use again, fabrics that are not to my liking or not quilt quality fabrics or donating them to the Green Bag Lady Project. So today I sewed some bags for myself. This time i wanted to make 'bulk buy' bags. You know for going to Costco and Walmart and stocking up on the bulk items like bathroom tissue etc. I have plenty of smaller reusable shopping bags to carry around in my handbag for when I purchase an item or two but hadn't made many large ones.

Here's one it's 22" wide and 19" deep.

Because I don't have a serger I do french seams and ensure the selvage is my rolled down top hem whenever possible.

My handles are pressed folded like bias tape and then top stitched on both sides to secure it and give it strength:

So yesterday and today I made 10 'bulk buy' bags and two smaller bags.

So that should ensure all my groceries get down the steps to my apartment easily in future! And it made a lot of space in my fabric storage closet, but boy is there still a LOT of fabric to sew!!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thrifty Thursday

This week I have a couple of thrifty finishes:

Small 'Scrappy Houses' throw quilt:

I tried wavy lines quilting. It's okay but I don't love it.


And a larger version of my "Scrappy Houses' throw quilt.
Back to meanding FMQ on this one

I also quilted my dog quilt yesterday, most of the fabric in it was purchased on sale for $5 per yard or less so it isn't quite as thrifty but it is still somewhat thrifty and it is gorgeous!

I tried thread basting for the first time and it was pain because my darning foot kept getting tangled in the thread, so I'll go back to pin basting!!!

I tried double stitching to attach the binding to my quilt back before folding over to topstitch it down. I've had a few issues with fraying in this area on other quilts and I'm hoping the double stitching will reinforce the fabric and prevent fraying.

I used a turquoise thread on the top and a white thread in my bobbin when quilting. It worked out perfectly.

I adore this backing! I actually chose all the other fabrics just to go with the backing LOL

I don't usually work with such vivid colors but I ADORE this finish. Turquoise is my favorite color and I love dogs so this one is allllllll mine.

I quilted and bound all of these yesterday so it was a big day but it's great to make some space in the sewing room again!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

An orphan block tote bag

I made my first scrappy horizon block before I decided to base my 2015 BOM around that block idea. So it was made with a sashing fabric that I didn't have enough of for a whole quilt.

I also made 4 practice triangle blocks to show how the practice triangle block could look when you make multiples. None of these blocks were therefore destined to be in my 2015 BOM quilt. And as you can see my WIP hanging rack is full:

So I decided to make a quilted scrappy tote bag with them:

Fully lined with a fabric I had deemed not quilt quality but still useful and there's also a pocket

I adore this horizon block for a tote bag I think I'll enlarge the pattern especially for totes and make it a 12" x 12" block option.

The back is the 4 scrappy triangle pp practice blocks
The bag is about 16" square so it's a handy size but not too big. I'll probably use it for taking my hand pieced hexies and redwork embroidery to the monthly sit and sew day for quilt club.