Wednesday, 25 November 2015

WIP Wednesday

I am working on my Johanna Basford coloring page embroidery daily at the moment, just sewing a few leaves/branches each day.
When I finished the rabbit, I moved onto the fox:

I also designed another simple block pattern for my Adventurously Epic Sampler this week, it is block 84 so far!

Then I played around with the pattern in EQ7 to see what a scrap quilt could look like using this simple PP block:

I LOVE it and think I will add one to my to-do list!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tesselation Tuesday

I have always loved Math. And have a bachelors degree in education.
And the more I design patterns the more I love to explore geometry as I go. We quilters tessellate all the time, simply creating patterns with pieces of fabric that fit together. EQ7 allows me to play with my blocks and tesselate them until I find the perfect arrangement and colors. So I decided that I'll do a Tesselation Tuesday post quite often to show the ways that variation can be achieved through tesselation of the same block.

Last week I started with this block I have designed for my  Adventurously Epic Sampler:

Block 1

Adding some simple alternating red squares and tesselating I got this quilt design:

Then I created another block to make the quilt more  adventurous:

Block 2

As you can see it really intensifies the quilts pattern!

 So many variations are possible with just these simple blocks!

But I decided to try a version not on-point:

It's so simple when you break it down into it's elemental blocks, using your smaller sub blocks create two larger blocks, I've outlined them here:

Combine four of sub block one and four of sub block two with a red square in center to create this larger block:

Then combine four of sub block one with five red squares to create the second large block:

So you can see that EQ7 is quite the playground for someone who LOVES math and especially tesselating!

If you love math and quilting you must check out the books by this lady
I bought Mathematical Quilts in 2014  after seeing it on the bookshelf in a middle school math class that I was sub teaching and decided to make a Fibonacci quilt for my bed. It is by far the biggest quilt I've ever made (oversize queen reaches the floor on queen) and it is always on our bed so it is also the most used quilt I have made. Here are some pics:

I got a new king bed recently and was relieved it still fits because it is an oversize queen

Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday Musings

I have a custom order to begin in the next few weeks. I have only ever made one custom order quilt before because I prefer to have freedom to create what I want than to make what other people want. But when friends ask me to make something special, I can't resist.

The last custom order was this quilt:

It was for a friend's grandchild. She picked the fabric and pattern and I made it.

This next project is also for the grandchild of a friend. This parcel arrived this morning all the way from Hawaii:

It is full of baby clothes:

The request is for them to be turned into a quilt similar to this one she saw on Etsy Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

So it'll be something like this with squares cut from her clothes where it is white in the image:

So as soon as my sewing room is organized this project will become a high priority because I'd love to make one of these. I wish I'd made them from my kids toddler clothes when they outgrew them!