Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Revamping a Rocking Chair

Last year I came across a cute little child's rocking chair in a thrift store, the orange vinyl seat covers had several holes so it needed recovering but I couldn't leave it there for $5. So yesterday afternoon I started to pull it apart to recover it!

It only had 6 bolts holding it together so it was a quick deconstruction! I have decided not to refinish the arms of the chair as I want the chair to retain some of it's vintage charm.

I bought this cowboy quilt fabric months ago in preparation for this makeover:

I adore how it turned out! 

Originally I was going to sell it in my antique mall booth, but now I am not sure I can part with it!!! I'll just wait until we've bought a house later this year and see if I can find a spot for it!

And of course I'll have to make a small child's lap quilt to go with it!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Back in the sewing room at last!

I've had my 22yr old son visiting for 3.5 weeks, we visited Washington DC and Charlotte NC. We saw some museums:

 And the mall with all it's wonderful monuments:

Hubby Matt and son Ben
Ben even made us go in the giant ball pit at the building museum:

it was exhausting!
 Ben lost his shoe for a while:

I was pretty happy to pick up my darlings from doggie camp when I got back:

So I haven't been sewing at all and my sewing room became a junk pile!

But today I have a whole day to myself so I spent the day in my sewing room :)

I still didn't get any sewing done, but I did price some inventory for my antique mall booth, tidy up my sewing space so it's ready to use and made some kitschy home decor items to sell in my booth using old scrabble boards I have thrifted.

But the most exciting news is after 2.5 yrs renting an apartment since moving to the USA hubby and I have finally decided to buy a house, this week we are applying for the loan, so that when we get back from our upcoming two week road trip to Toronto we can focus on finding a house... which means a real sewing room not just a home office, storage room, sewing room in one!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

A quiet few weeks...

You may notice my blog is a little quiet the next few weeks, Tuesday nightI went to Denver International Airport:

To pic up my 23yr old son who is here for a 3.5 week visit:

So not a lot of sewing will get done :)