My first order from Spoonflower arrived! And I'm thrilled with the quality 💖

It's an Adventurously Epic Sampler fabric!

Such clear lines!

I like this for certain purposes but I wanted to improve it. The blocks are too big and the sashing too wide for a fabric design.

So I played around with my image editing software and came up with this:

And then I created several color versions to try! I ordered a yard of each to see how it all looks 👌

My favorite of the colors is the raspberry and grey variation! I'd love to make a skirt from this fabric if it works out!

And I did tons of emails to Colorado quilt clubs and stores and a postcard mail out to those that didn't have email addresses on their websites!

And I quilted and bound 3 charity quilts 😵
All in all a busy day! It must be wine o'clock soon!!!

Book Marketing 😂🤣

Last week I ordered some business cards and postcards from Vistaprint and I decided I couldn't live without the t-shirt and pen they suggested 🤣😂

So I'm ready now to pound the pavement approaching quilt shops and to mail out some postcards to Colorado quilt clubs/guilds and quilt shops! Old school marketing! I've already sent an email to many places with marketing information but not everyone can be reached that way even in 2018!!

A quilt finish!

I finally got my double sided HST star quilt quilted and bound today! 

I machine bind and my mitered corners are pretty neat these days when I can be bothered to do them neatly 🤣

I couldn't decide if I wanted brown or turquoise thread 🤔

But it's a double sided quilt so I did both! Brown on one side, turquoise on the other 👌💖 I adore this Sulky rayon thread in turquoise!

And once it was quilted this small pile of narrow trimmings is all I took off the edges! I love doing double sided quilts and it's relatively easy if you are a spray baster 😀

I chose half square triangle designs for this quilt because it makes it so easy to make both sides the same size but different designs.

Side 1

Side 2

Which side do you prefer?

I like side 2 best.

Have you tried to do a double sided quilt?

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I've been battling an on again off again respiratory infection for three weeks! It finally hit last night with full force. Although by late morning I felt like my immune system might be winning the battle, I wasn't well enough to sew today.

So I decided to sit at the computer and organize some more of my past digital pattern files by starting a new book draft to put them into.

So I now have 3 book drafts that need pattern testing before they are publication ready,

Eye Spy

About 12 months ago I found an almost complete eye spy quilt among my UFOs, I added some fun borders 6 months ago and last week it finally got quilted, bound and gifted. It was a hit, the recipient and his brother seem to really enjoy it 😍😀

Win a copy of my book!

Yes you can win a copy of my Adventurously Epic Sampler Greyscale Edition!!

All you have to do is share information about my books on your blog  and within that blog explain why you would like to win a copy of my book and then link it up below so I can see that you have done it!

The linky will be open until July 20th

Club/Guild Presentations

I have finally decided to delve into the world of quilt club and guild presentations. I have done it before, see this post about a presentation I did for the CRQC in 2014 about my vintage sewing machine collection and sewing machine maintenance

But for my new presentation format I am getting serious, I have been planning this for months but finally got around to drafting a PP presentation and creating a website devoted to that element of my quilty life, check it out here:

Just another step in my creative journey...