Friday, 24 October 2014

Number 18

My friend Patty gave me this sewing machine this week:

It took some cleaning up because it had been in a garage for a while gathering dust and spiders. But once it was cleaned, oiled etc it ran beautifully. I have named her Patty she is number 15 in  my vintage machine collection and I have 3 modern machines, so yes that makes 18 sewing machines and yes I know I am CRAZY!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thrifty Thursday

It was my privilege this week to deliver 15 charity quilts to the Children's Hospital of Colorado South Campus on behalf of the Castle Rock Quilt Club:

15 charity quilts are actually quite bulky when they are all together so I used a large Ikea shopping bag I had to carry them in, it worked extremely well:

That inspired me to try making my own simple giant tote bag for carrying quilts and other items in, so here it is a giant tote bag full of fabric and tools for the quilt retreat I will attend for the next 3 nights and I even made a carry bag for my cutting mat and rulers whilst I was at it:

The fabric was bought at a thrift/op shop for a few dollars, I think it was old curtain fabric. The giant tote isn't lined it is just a simple bag made from 3 pieces; a 25" x WOF section and two end pieces curved at the bottom corners and attached to the main piece using french seams like I do for my shopping bags, I'll do a tutorial next time I make one, I didn't bother today because I wasn't sure it'd work LOL.

The cutting board bag is a big version of the one in my tutorial:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WIP Wednesday

This is what I am working on:

It will be a full/double bed quilt that is a Christmas gift, so I have a lot of work left to do yet!

What's going on in your sewing room today?

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