And again!

I could not resist making a second example Spectacular Star cushion for the class I'll be teaching at Wooden Spools Denver on September 30!

If you didn't see yesterday's version pop back to that post and check out the different colors and fabric styles 👌

I can't pick a favorite, I love them both.

My first FPP lesson plan!

I've taught foundation paper piecing to individuals, as well as to the masses via my website in 2014 when I first started my FREE BOM website.

But next month I'll teach my first ever quilt store FPP lesson at Wooden Spools Denver on September 30!

Today I spent the morning making the example:

That's right we are making a quilted cushion cover!

Using my Spectacular Star block pattern

I'm loving the fabrics I got yesterday at Wooden Spools Denver! 💖👌

So if you are in Colorado... consider joining me! If not this block pattern is a simple variation of a pattern that's in my Large Quadrant Stars book which is available now on Amazon, B&N and other reputable online booksellers 💖👌

An FPP Teaching Date!

I'm teaching an FPP class at my favorite Denver quilt shop Wooden Spools on September 30!

They have stock of my books too 👌💖😀

I have bought a littany of fun fabrics there today and am ready to make my class example project tomorrow 💖👌
Stay tuned to see which of these fabric arrays goes into that example!

Sunday Fun 💖👌

This morning hubby and I bought this gorgeous vintage rocking chair at Goodwill it will sit in the corner of my sewing studio, I'll use it to meditate, display quilts and cushions, dump junk on 😂😜 etc.

And I challenged myself and others on Instagram and Facebook to pick the ugliest/least liked fabric in their stash to sew a block or make a project of some sort by Sunday evening August 19 🤣

This is the fabric I challenged myself to use, it's a dated Kaufman print.

I chose my Hollow Pentagonal Star pattern from my upcoming Pentagonal stars book release (due for release late September)

I like the block, the solids I used certainly diffused the ugliness of this dated fabric! I might even make more blocks to go with this one... We'll see 🤔

Do you have any fabrics in your stash you don't love?

A Small Project - lots of pieces

I pattern tested my Stars Divided pattern today and made this cushion cover.

I love it! It's absolutely fabulous but it's 108 pieces in a 12" block!

If you'd like to try making it, the block pattern is in my Treasured Adventures book which is due for release August 21!

Pattern Testing Frenzy

Today I was determined to get to a point where I had pattern tested one of each block from Treasured Adventures my upcoming book. 
This is a favorite 👌💖 

I love this too but won't make a whole quilt maybe I'll put the block on a tote bag.

My design wall is overflowing!

But in a good way!

I'm waiting for my final proof copy to arrive and expect publication date to be August 21...

So Close!

My Treasured Adventures book is in the final pattern testing phase! I'm hoping to finish block testing today. I've uploaded book revisions to the publisher and will order a new proof once all the blocks are done today 💖 Fingers crossed for a book release in a week or so...

What's next? 
I'm moving on to pattern test  Elaborate Adventures

This is my initial fabric pull:

I also have Pentagonal Stars and More Treasured Adventures to pattern test and I have several more book drafts in my head 😂🤣😵 but one step at a time 👌💖