First Wash πŸ’—

My Mod Scrap Quilt got it's first go round in the washer and dryer on the weekend.

 I decided to lay it on the floor to see how the quilting looked afterwards and Ebony the Maltipoo hastily sat on it to show her approval πŸ˜‚πŸΎπŸ‘Œ

And today I spent the morning working on the book draft after getting my first proof copy late last week.

But tomorrow I'm determined to get some sewing done!!!!


Creative life is a constant turnover of  the latest favorite projects/finishes!

But sometimes you just know that a project is the beginning of something bigger!...

I have a new book draft in hand!

After finishing my Mod Scrap Dump quilt  I just knew that it was the beginning of an epic adventure...

I HAD to write a book that contained my Mod Scrap quilting insights!

What makes a quilt look like a modern work of art rather than a mess of vomited up scraps?!

It's a combination of factors all explained in the book!

I include some block construction techniques that will help you achieve the Mod Scrap look!

Book release is scheduled for May 2019

Progress & Balance

Yesterday I started pattern testing for another quilt that's in my Elaborate Adventures book! I got all the blocks tested and uploaded the minor book edits that were necessary.

This star is at the center of the lap quilt version I'm making:

I love the palette 🎨 I chose it's a nice blend of pastel and bright πŸ’—πŸ‘Œ

After making 9 blocks for that project I moved on to doing a border for one of my  Daybreak at the Barn variations (I'm making all 4 of mine different)

Of course I got halfway through piecing the borders and decided I needed trees in my cornerstone blocks, so I drafted them right then and there by hand πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ too lazy to go upstairs to the printer!

I wanted the effect of corral fencing around this barn so to make the border I strip pieced alternating  3 X 1.5" wide dark strips and 2 x 1.25" wide white strips then subcut them 2" wide and added the 1.25" wide white fence posts. I'm not sure I love it but we will see once the next border goes on.

And I still found time for a 30min dog walk and a 1.5hr, 13 mile, 899ft elevation gain cycle!

I love those days when I can balance my creative and health and fitness goals πŸ‘Œ

And right now as I draft and schedule this post I am sitting on my deck soaking up the spring sunshine 🌞