2019 Goals

It's that time of year!

Inspired by several graphics on Pinterest I decided to create this graphic of my minimalist life goals for the coming year.

I'm a gatherer at heart 😜 but I manage to keep my gathering focused (usually) on a couple of my passions.

But... I have more clothes than I can fit in my closet, so minimalist gathering in that area would definitely simplify life! 🤣😝

1. I am continuing to refine my sewing stash to suit my needs. Instead of focusing on charity quilts this year to use up novelty prints, I want to make book bags and place a book in each bag to donate to my preferred charity a school for teen moms and their children.

2. I intend to buy predominantly solid and near solid fabrics that are my favorite fabrics for FPP

3. Pattern test and publish the 5 books I'm currently working on and begin writing/drafting a couple more that are currently ideas in my head.

4. Finish most of my current WIPs

5. Continue orphan block destashing through my OBO

6. Orga…

Progress on a WIP

My 'Be Kind' quilt got quilted this week! Yay 💖 it's been laying over my ironing bench for a couple of weeks waiting for it's chance.

I also reorganized one of my Ikea Raskog carts. This one sits next to my sewing station and had lots of stuff I rarely use in amongst all the thread. And not enough space for my thread collection. So I moved all the other notions so that the thread was tidy and organized!

Look how pretty all that quilting thread looks now 🤩

And the piecing thread got tidied up a little too!


I spy with my little eye...

The bottom of my scrap basket!!!

I spent half the day cutting scraps yesterday! When I started that basket was overflowing!!! I cut them into a variety of sizes.

The scrappy strips bowl ended up overflowing by the time I finished! I think I'll make a large QAYG scrappy tote bag soon to use up these and some batting scraps 👌

I also cut 5" squares:

6" squares which made that basket overfull too, so I really need to get some disappearing four patches done ASAP!

A whole pile of my favorite size squares 2.5"

This time I even cut some 1.5" squares, I usually don't cut scraps that small but in my quarterly E-zine I issued a tiny piecing challenge... So I better lead by example 🤣😜

And heaps of 2" squares got added to my 2" squares drawer:

It's such a great feeling to get the scrap situation under control! 
That's why I named my Quarterly Quilt Adventures E-zine scrap usage challenge Scrap Satisfaction.
Click on my QQA tab for a link to Craftsy …

Cotton Cuts Project

As a Cotton Cuts brand ambassador I get a box of quilty fun delivered to my door each month at the moment!

The November box had a fabulous selection of fabrics!

I decided to work with the pinks this week 💖

I made this wall quilt to hang above my cutting table.

The letters are from my upcoming book release More Alphabet Adventures, I've now pattern tested one third of the blocks.

The scissors are in my Craftsy store (click on Craftsy tab above for a link)

It's the first project I've quilted on my new Juki 2200. I had some annoying thread breakages so it'll take a bit of adjustment getting used to this machine. But my old one should be finished getting serviced soon anyway.

And sometimes the thread breakages are because it's a new needle not because of tension issues anyway, so we'll see how it goes with time.

Wall quilt fun!

Today I opened this months Cotton Cuts box! As a brand ambassador I get a monthly box from them at the moment 💖👌

I immediately decided to work with these fabulous pinks today

Can you guess what it'll say?

 Can you guess what block I'll add tomorrow?

Free Block Patterns

Click on my Craftsy tab above for a link to my Craftsy store. You'll find lots of FREE foundation paper piecing block patterns!

I still love the simplicity of this basic Christmas tree block i designed in 2013 it's great for making Christmas Eye Spy quilts 👌💖🎄🌲

Etsy Vacation Over

I'm back from vacation so my Etsy shop is open again! Click on the QQA tab above to find links to my Etsy and Spoonflower stores!

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