Sunday, 15 January 2017

BOM & studio update

It's a long weekend and the weather is miserable! So my first project was to recover this vintage Cosco stool in kitchenalia fabric, then hubby helped to put it back together:

Then we rearranged our dining room and no longer had room in there for this gorgeous vintage glass cabinet, so we relocated it to the studio to store quilts and fabric in! Yahoo it's fabulous 😍

Had to rearrange half of the studio to make room for it, but it's better than ever so I'm really happy!

And of course it's Sunday which means I uploaded a new free BOW pattern today to my website!

Sunday, 8 January 2017


I've developed the last couple of years the ability to imagine a block as a component not just see one but imagine it tessellated; repeated, flipped etc to create a one block quilt.

I love geometry. Space and the manipulation of shapes within it are fascinating concepts to me.

This week's Adventurously Epic Sampler quilt block gave me the perfect opportunity to show what goes on in my head.

The Umbrella Block:

Mirror that block and make 8 of the original and 8 mirrored blocks, change the colors and you get this:

Can you see the umbrella?
Only the background changed!

And just keep sewing to make an epic Umbrella Extravaganza quilt LOL:

Anything is possible, the sky is the limit in quilting. A block is no longer a block, it is a potential quilt...

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sometimes I forget...

 How much I love to work with scraps!

Since weather kept me at home and indoors today I cut a tub of scraps into hundreds of 2.5"squares.

And I sewed 9 nine patch blocks using 3"square scraps. Oops I created another WIP!

Considering how many 2, 2.5 and 3 inch scrappy squares I have cut now I think I'll have a scrappy quilt in progress for the next five years, and I have not quilted several previous scrap quilts LOL