Book Drafting

Today I have spent several hours working on my Mystical Adventures FPP quilt book draft:
 It contains my Unicorn block pattern in two sizes as well as some other fun mystical creature quilt blocks!

Etsy Product

Back by popular demand!
I have listed my Treasured Adventures quilt book in Etsy bundled with my Perfect Points Ruler! This popular combo will go fast and I have limited copies available.
 Click on the Etsy link in my left side bar to be redirected to my Etsy store.

Worthy Wednesday

It's almost impossible to achieve goals if you don't believe in your ability to achieve the goal and the benefits achieving that goal will yield.
Goal 6
Declutter Every Room
After spending most of 2019 decluttering my sewing studio, I KNOW the benefits of decluttering! I feel more comfortable and relaxed in that space! So this year I'm working on decluttering every other room in our house!
Recently I've decluttered
- our living room
- my closet
- my Tupperware cupboard
- my glassware cupboards x 2
Baby steps but each one was such a relief!
Have you wanted to get organized?
What is clutter? My antique dictionary says jumble, confusion, disorder!
As many followers know I'm an antique lover, so decluttering doesn't mean I'm getting rid of any of these fun antiques/collections!
I still love my antique dictionary stand:
Antique Pyrex collection:
Vintage recipe books:
My vintage sewing machine collection:
It just means the disordered areas of my home need reorganization!
And my antiques are actually very organized and well displayed 🤣

The clutter contributing to my stress during 2019 was in the:

  • Closet ✔️
  • Pantry ✔️
  • Linen closet ✔️
  • Storeroom ✔️
  • Home office
  • Kitchen cabinets ✔️
  • Sewing studio ✔️
  • Garage ✔️
  • Living room ✔️
  • Bathroom cabinet ✔️
  • On my desk ✔️
The check marks show which ones have already been decluttered recently or during the past 6ish months! I've completed or mostly completed all but one of those areas!
But it's an ongoing struggle 🤣

A full day 😮😲

A full day in my sewing studio!!! I haven't done that since November! The holiday period is always hectic, then I play catch up half of January!
 But today I finally had time to tackle some of the plethora of tasks that were making my studio feel messy! Like making cushion covers using pattern test blocks from my Australiana Adventures bushfire appeal pattern, 100% of profits go to the Red Cross bushfire appeal, click here to go check it out in my Etsy store: AQ on Etsy
I also sorted my 2" scraps so I can have a high priority usage basket! My fabric stash underwent a major revamp the last two years, so it's about time my scraps caught up with my current style. I will spend the rest of this year trying to demolish that pile of 'busy print' scraps that I really don't love. But they will make passable charity quilts, early childhood classroom floor cushions and dog beds. 
I also got my green and red Advent Scrap Along blocks sashed and a simple border added to make a charity quilty top. 
 And put these pink and brown scrap blocks on my design wall with the goal of getting this charity quilt top completed ASAP
So it was a big day in the studio, but it feels good to be back to normal! 

Another 2020 Goal in Progress

One of my goals for a long time has been to revise some of my old quilt blocks and republish them as PDFs in my Etsy store. I plan to publish one a month in 2020. This week I spent time revising this block that I designed in either 2013 or 2014!