Adventurously Epic Sampler FREE pattern of the week and Craftsy update

The free paper piecing block pattern available on my website this week is this block

It is great for a modern sampler or you can make this quilt:

I finally compiled my Peruvian Bliss quilt block pattern series yesterday and uploaded it to my Craftsy store

And that recent camel block pattern is in my Craftsy store too now

Pattern Update

This is one of my oldest pattern designs.

I designed and pattern tested it in 2014 but can't find the block so I updated the pattern and plan to make a new 16" x 10" block for myself!

The pattern is in my Craftsy store (link via my Craftsy tab above)

Peruvian Bliss

I finished my Peruvian Bliss pattern test today and it's hanging on the wall already 😍

After the alpaca from earlier in the week I couldn't wait to try making the Peruvian woman. And she turned out great!

They look so cute together!

Then the llama completed the trio!

My husband is on a business trip to Peru at the moment and he sent me this picture from the beach today! It blew my mind I'm used to Australian sandy beaches!!!!

So pretty though 😍

Travel Memories

I travelled to Peru last summer and fell in love with the country! I bought back a Peruvian woven fabric rug to cut up and make a quilt with. I have several others too, my husband works in Peru a lot and brings them back for me.
So whilst it was cold on Tuesday I decided to get into designing this paper pieced Peru themed quilt that has been in my head for 6 months.
This is block one an alpaca

And this is the finished quilt diagram it measures 44" x 29" so it should be a great wall quilt!

The striped fabric in the border, the rugs the alpaca and llama are wearing and the Peruvian woman's skirt and poncho will all be authentic Peruvian woven fabric so it should look great once it is completed with the right fabrics :)

Camel Pattern Test Block

OMG I am in LOVE with my latest quilt block design! I want to name him he's so cute!

These are the fabrics I have selected from my stash to make a quilt with this block as the centerpiece

The solid is Painters Palette Yarrow which I ordered from Pineapple Fabrics (my favorite online fabric retailer) about 6 months ago and the rest is from Wooden Spools my favorite local Denver quilt shop.
I designed this block last week and have been super eager to test it out! It is now available in my Craftsy store:

Pattern Test

Yesterday I pattern tested my Kitchenaid mixer quilt block pattern and it is now available in my Craftsy store:

And I added borders to a UFO eye spy quilt! I made the top about 2 to 3 years ago and it had been languishing! But I have a little special needs friend who will LOVE it so it finally got to the top of my priority list yesterday!

Last Pentagonal Star

I made the last Pentagonal Star today for my scrappy RSC 2016/7/8 quilt.
It's not this months color but it's still scrappy. The quilt has three purple stars because I  have been a bit hit and miss with my participation in RSC when life gets busy and I did purple month all three years! So I decided after making the purple and lavender block earlier in the month that I needed more green and yellow to finish this quilt off so I can start a new RSC project.

Then I put them all together on point with framing and added the inner border. I am waiting for fabric to arrive for the outer border because I ran out of the grey. The block pattern is in my Craftsy store:

I'm planning to hang this quilt in a quilt show this summer

I love having more time in my studio now that I only work a few hours a week!

Thanks so much to So Scrapp…