Photo Challenge: Planning

I love the whiteboard I've hung in my studio for forward planning, it makes pattern diagrams I use regularly easy to find, my solids color card is also there and I hang blocks on there that are part of long term projects.

These are the delightful fabrics I bought earlier this week at Southlands Fabric in Willetton Western Australia 😍

Tomorrow I'm going to this Craft and Quilt Fair at the Convention Center 😍

I went hiking with Mr Adventure yesterday in the beautiful Australian bush, I've really missed it!

Especially the banksia trees 😍

Quilty Travels!

I'm still holidaying in Perth, Western Australia 😍 hubby had a business meeting yesterday for several hours so I decided to go a quilt shop that I had been to before we emigrated to the USA five + years ago. Southlands Fabric and Sewing had expanded to larger premises and was a very impressive store!

Aisle upon aisle of delightful quilt fabrics!

I did buy some fabric, but haven't photographed it yet! Some delightfully Aussie print fabrics to make myself a lap quilt as a momento of this trip 😍

I'm also going to the Perth Craft and Quilt Expo on the weekend after hubby returns to the USA! I'll be here about two more weeks 😍

Photo Challenge - Outside the Box

The best design ideas are often unusual concepts or outside the box thinking.

My most outside the box thinking for a project was in 2015 when I started an embroidered quilt block project using Johanna Basford coloring pages! It started a bit of a trend! I still haven't finished the project but I will for sure because I adore it!

Photo challenge day 22 - STYLE

Today's photography prompt word is style! What's your quilty style? 

It's always a hard question to answer! Mine is FPP, solids and near solids, bold color combinations... But I also love scrappy quilts! I'm a complex girl LOL

I'm still in Australia buying the house we'll retire to in about 2027.
This is the neighborhood park just around the corner that I'm sure will be a favorite quilt photography spot!

Plus it's only a 5 or 10 minute drive to the beach so that could be a fabulous quilt photography spot too!

Photo Challenge Day 21: Expression

Quilters show so much of their personalities in their quilts. It's such a great expression of our creativity (or lack thereof lol sometimes).

I'm still holidaying in Western Australia 😍

Yesterday we saw thrombolites on Lake Clifton

And explored the tranquil easy side of the estuary near Mandurah South of Perth.

Time - photo challenge day 20

I'm still holidaying in Australia with my Mr Adventure and as much as possible, spending my time walking on the beach and exploring the wonderful coastline.

Photo Challenge - day 19 future

Photo Challenge word of the day is FUTURE!
 I've been gathering these red and yellow fabrics for a future project for quite some time, I love the beauty of this bundle 😍

And we are in the process of buying a house in Cooloongup Western Australia to retire to in about 10yrs. These photos are of the 4th bedroom and activity room, together they will be my sewing studio space 😍😍 I can't wait!

They are both light bright spaces, which will be fantastic! The activity room is bigger so it'll be my sewing space. The bedroom will be for storing fabric, batting, vintage sewing machines etc.