Monday, 12 October 2015

Moved in!

I am exhausted!

I spent most of last week moving boxes of small stuff to our new house then Friday and Saturday we had a uhaul truck and even some help from our son Brett to move the bigger furniture items.  There's still about 100 boxes to come but we'll just get 10 or 15 a day this week and try to unpack as we go.

My sewing room is a mess. It has no furniture yet until we get time for an Ikea trip,  So it's just boxes and sewing machines on the floor!  I have quilt retreat this weekend so at least I'll be able to sew whilst I'm there and give my fatigued muscles some time to regenerate.

I'm sitting in bed right now as the sun rises and this is my view:

Lol no cushions on the armchairs, no quilt on the rack and suitcases full of clothes everywhere.  Our mattress is on the floor because our bed broke recently (note to self order new bed frame sooner rather than later lol).

But as you can see Ebony doesn't care about the mess she just loves the new house and yard.  

So we are getting there slowly but it'll probably be November or December before the sewing room  is fully usable and back to being my oasis. 

This was yesterday afternoon relaxing in our new back yard with Henry the  crazy cockapoo in his favorite place on my lap. The snow will start soon but for now it's perfect weather outside, I love fall.  But i do look forward to photographing finished  quilts in this terrific backyard this winter. My computer is not set up yet so blogging may be sporadic since it's more time consuming to do on a phone or tablet  but i promise a post next week with some quilt retreat fun! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The move has begun ...

 After a tedious month waiting, we have finally closed on our new home and I've begun moving my hoards of stuff in,  this is my sewing room after the first load.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Scrappy Adventures BOM October Block Pattern Release

It is a new month and therefore time for the block pattern release for my 2015 Free Scrappy Adventures BOM.

This is my Rolling Ball Paper Pieced block go to  to download the FREE pattern now.