Quarterly Quilt Adventures is my quarterly e-magazine that gets emailed to my distribution list and uploaded to my QAL website https://adventurousquilter.yolasite.com/

Issue 1 due for release mid Fall 2018

Live  weblinks for the quarterly issue will always be uploaded to this tab as I build the issue so that you can come here and click on the links easily!

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QQA Fall 2018

Page 12 Book Review: 
Page 12 Product Launch Video: Perfect Points Ruler Launch Video and Tutorial
Page 15 Beginners FPP tutorial video: AQ's FPP Beginners Tutorial 
Page 15 Beginners FPP pattern Prancing Diamonds: Prancing Diamonds FREE on Craftsy
Page 16 QIA video link: Respect the Designer Video
Page 16 Bonjour Quilts link: Bonjour Quilts