9 Favorite Quilts

I have made dozens of quilts. I began to quilt in 2012 after I nearly died from a pulmonary embolism, here is my first post which was about that choice: http://adventurousquilter.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-it-all-began.html. That was the catalyst that reminded me that retirement may never come and I can't put off until then the things I really want to do!

I am a prolific quilter, the passion and drive within me hasn't waned and my skills are constantly improving so I can make better quilts. I decided to reflect on what were some of my favorite quilts. These may not be the 'best' quilts, they aren't necessarily special technique-wise  but they are unique and I love to see people use them:

One - machine pieced hexagons:

There are 196 hexagons

It is 43" x 72" and made entirely from scrap fabrics purchased on Craigslist!

One of my favorite aspects of this quilt is the border, the corner blocks in the border contain 1" hexagon flowers:

I machine quilted this on my $200 Brother sewing machine in a fairly dense stippling:


Two - an anniversary memory quilt for my mother and father in-law:

Like most of my quilts I didn't have a pattern, the components of this quilt evolved into a quilt top one piece at a time. The wedding photos were printed on printable fabric, I then used the Broken Herringbone block for the borders but made it longer than in the online tutorial and I paper pieced 4 hearts for the corner blocks.


Three - dogs galore

I made this quilt because I LOVE dogs especially my two; Ebony the Maltipoo and Henry the Cockapoo. This quilt contains blocks that use; redwork embroidery, paper piecing, applique, printable fabric and a T-shirt panel. This quilt truly allowed me to try new techniques and challenged me.

It began as a paper pieced dachshund block, my first ever attempt at paper piecing, I loved it so much that I made other blocks and designed the quilt just to use this block:


Four - Half Hexagons

This quilt was made using half hexagons to create the look of hexagons:

It is straight line quilted along either side of the seams.


Five - Broken Herringbone QAYG to explore color

These nine blocks were made using a quilt as you go technique that allowed me to back each block in a different color to match their sashing 'bones' on the front of the quilt:

The blocks use 2.5" scrap fabrics and a solid fabric for the bones:

The blocks were then quilted using a straight stitch in the bones:

I then joined the blocks using a machine QAYG method


Six - 2013's Scraps  MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE

The front of this quilt consists of 15  twelve inch blocks that are made using an improvised piecing method and a navy sashing and border fabric to frame them.

The backing for this quilt is made up of 24 twelve inch improvised pieced blocks:

 I can't even begin to estimate the number of pieces of fabric in this quilt!

To make the quilt, fabric is sewn into like sized strips and then strips are joined together randomly.

I used a fairly dense stippling to quilt this one:

Why do I love this quilt sooo much?? The variety of fabrics and the improvised piecing method make this about as unique as a quilt could possibly be, I know it is one of a kind and unforgettable even if it isn't traditionally beautiful. It also contains fabric from almost every quilt I made prior to this so in a way it is a memory quilt. I make quilts that I will love, not quilts other people will love.

I then moved more into the arena of paper piecing pattern design:

In 2015 I offered a free BOM on my blog for the first time and it was great fun so I've continued

Eight - Adventurous Stars the BOM I hosted in 2016:

Nine - the CRQC BOM I hosted from August 2015 to August 2016 as the Castle Rock Quilt Club BOM co-ordinator:

Check out my free pattern download site: http://adventurousquilter.yolasite.com/

Dog jackets made using my method shown in this photographic tutorial: http://adventurousquilter.blogspot.com/2014/01/dog-jacket-tutorial.html

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