Favorite Quilts

I am a prolific quilter, the passion and drive within me hasn't waned over the years & my skills are constantly improving so I can make better quilts. These favorite quilts are skill building quilts that helped me get to where I am today! 

Machine pieced hexagons, one of my 2013 quilts

There are 196 hexagons. Made entirely from scrap fabrics purchased on Craigslist!

Dogs Galore
This quilt contains blocks that use; redwork embroidery, paper piecing, applique, printable fabric and a T-shirt panel. This quilt truly allowed me to try new techniques and challenged me.
It began as a paper pieced dachshund block, my first ever attempt at paper piecing, I loved it so much that I made other blocks and designed the quilt just to use this block:

Broken Herringbone QAYG to explore color
Nine blocks made using a quilt as you go technique that allowed me to back each block in a different color to match their sashing 'bones' on the front of the quilt:

2013's Scraps

The backing is my favorite, even more scraps!

I then moved more into the arena of paper piecing pattern design:
In 2015 I offered a FREE BOM on my blog for the first time and it was great fun so I've continued
In 2016 I offered the Adventurous Stars FREE BOM:

This cute mini charm star quilt was inspired by a quilt I saw on display when I went to Hamilton Missouri with quilty friends to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co.
Paper Pieced Teal, Berry and Grey - this is one of my designs available in my Treasured Adventures book
My Adventurously Epic Sampler both the quilt and the book I wrote for this pattern are all time favorite finishes 👌💗

My first quilt as a Cotton Cuts brand ambassador - a variation of a design from my Elaborate Adventures quilt book
Rainbow Gradations 16 patch scrap quilt 💗 to date my most popular post on Instagram! 
Elaborate Adventures quilt made whilst pattern testing for my Elaborate Adventures quilt book.

Another Cotton Cuts brand ambassador project the Cut wall quilt for my sewing studio! 
Another Cotton Cuts brand ambassador project!

Mod Scrap Dump 2019

Check out my free pattern download site: http://adventurousquilter.yolasite.com/

Dog jackets made using my method shown in this photographic tutorial: http://adventurousquilter.blogspot.com/2014/01/dog-jacket-tutorial.html