About Me

This blog chronicles my adventures as a quilter. I am an empty nester, my 3 sons are all adults, I also have a wonderful husband and three gorgeous dogs.

What made me start quilting?

A neighbor of mine growing up quilted. I learned to sew in high school and always loved quilt fabric, so I wanted to try it. But I thought I'd learn once I retired. Then in 2012 I had a nearly fatal pulmonary embolism and realized that life is too short for later

What I love about quilting is...

The color, the variation, the fact that even a person who doesn't consider them self an artist can create works of art by choosing fabric and following a pattern to create a one of kind piece. The fact that I am never bored, I can always sew, design, imagine or fantasize about projects I'd love to create.

I blog because...

This started as a visual diary of my quilt making, more for me than the blogosphere. But I discovered the virtual quilting community is equally as supportive and inspiring as the real life quilt club I attend.

What sort of quilts do I like to make?

Quilts to be used and loved!
Scrap quilts.
Paper pieced quilts I have designed from scratch.
Quilts that represent facets of my personality, interests and lifestyle.

Who am I?

I am happily married.
In my 40s
I was an education assistant supporting special needs students for 12 yrs then I completed a bachelors degree in my 30s and was a teacher for a year before beginning to focus on two of my passions pattern design and dealing in vintage kitchenware.

I emigrated to the USA and took up residence in Colorado in late 2012.

I have three sons who are young men now.
Two sons still live in Australia and one is living and working here in the US
I have two fluffy dogs, Ebony the Maltipoo and Henry the Cockapoo

And a tiny 7lb dachshund x yorkie 

I grew up in a rural community in north west New South Wales, Australia. A town of approximately 7,000 people. My parents still live there on a 250 acre farm they retired to 20 years ago, it really is a slice of heaven:

I have lived in Tamworth, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and now Denver Colorado since leaving home at 16 yrs old.

So all those things have brought me to where I am today reveling in my own creativity something I never imagined I had until I began to quilt!