Quilt 2: Gathering skills...

For 15yrs I had kept this completed embroidered bird in my embroidery sewing box. It is only about 4 or 5 inches square, I thought it was perfect as the centerpiece of my second quilt. With this quilt I played around with using the variety of stitches my machine had available. I used fabrics I got for $4 per meter and the backing was an old sheet, so I didn't invest a lot of money as I didn't trust my skills. It turned out okay for an experimental self teaching quilt, but the binding was awful and one day I want to rebind the edges I think, but on the other hand it represents my learning journey accurately the way it is! I did discover cotton batting with this one and all of my quilts now have cotton batting in them, which is great for summer quilts and washes really well.

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