Some treasures in my stash...

I have been holding onto some items for 20+ years thinking to myself
 "one day I will sew something beautiful with this"

 This handkerchief sized piece of tie-dyed cotton was something I made in kindergarten! My mum keeps EVERYTHING! How many people can say they made a quilt from something they made in kindergarten. I still have vague memories of the teacher taking us outside in small groups, teaching us to put rocks and elastic bands on our fabric and then helping us to soak them in a bucket.

 This gorgeous dress belonged to my husbands grandmother, she gave it to me many years ago when i was much slimmer. Now that it doesn't fit anymore I have been holding onto it for the fabric and the memories of Grandma Jeffrey. It'll make a gorgeous quilt.

A close-up of the print
In high school my parents made me take home economics as well as textiles and designs elective classes from grade 7 through until grade 10. I actually really loved them and lets face it woodwork and metal work were never my thing LOL. This patchwork block is what I made in our patchwork class for textiles and designs. Now i want to make a whole quilt just to complement this one block.

I embroidered this picture of Winne the Pooh in my late teens I think and then never did anything with it, so I will eventually make a quilt with it so I can get it out of my embroidery sewing box.

Each of these items is a part of my history and holds a dear spot in my heart so I look forward to using them in future projects.

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