4th of July Americana quilt finally begun!

I have had some Americana fabrics stashed away since before i emigrated from Australia to the USA last year. I got them cheap at a Textile Traders store in Perth because I guess in Australia there isn't much demand for Americana prints. But because I knew we were emigrating I loved the idea of an Americana quilt. I needed a project to keep me busy in between doing the blocks for Michelle Fosters Quilt Along, so I decided to start on this American quilt. I have chosen a fairly quick and easy Roman triple stripe, with alternating blocks.

These are the various fabrics I have had stashed away and you can see I have begun to cut the 2inch strips for the stripes.

The first blocks are done

This close up shows the prints better

The first strip is now pieced together, I think it will turn out quite well eventually.

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