SLC day 2

I found some quilts to admire today in SLC Utah. First at the Mormon History Museum:

Elizabeth Ann Whitmer a quilting mormon wife

The backdrop to the display that included infoabout Elizabeth Ann was a quilt

Quilts are scattered among the exhibits, like in this wagon

This one was amazing and very pretty

This one is made from Utah silk

This modern day quilt celebrates scouting and is part of new scouting exhibit
 Then we went to the Beehive House, Brigham Young's home and where he ran the church from in its early days, quilts were in almost every room:

Brigham Young's bedroom

Draped over a chair in the sitting room

On a quilt rack in his daughter's bedroom
 And in every other bedroom:

In the back of the home theyeven had a shop when he lived here, it worked on a bartering system, look they had fabric too:


  1. Wow! You weren't kidding that quilts were in almost every room. I absolutely love looking at the old quilts. With all the chores women had to do in the old days, it's a wonder how many beautiful quilts they were able to make!


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