A finish finally!!!!!

After months of working on this project I finally got around to FMQing and binding my scrappy quilt today!!!!!!!!!

The front:

But I like the back best of all:

So I think this is the first quilt I have made where I like the back as much as the front, I would be happy to picnic on either side of this quilt:

But for now it is hanging on the rack, because it isn't quite picnic weather here it is only 49 f (9c) with cloud and wind, so the picnic can wait LOL.

This quilt was improv pieced, I was inspired by this tutorial:

The front of my quilt has 15 blocks (3 columns x 5 rows) and navy sashing and the back of the quilt is made up of 24 blocks (4 columns x 6 rows) without the sashing. My blocks were 12" x 12".

This project taught me a lot about how to use and store scraps. And it certainly demolished my scrap collection!

I wasn't even sure whilst I was making it whether I would even like the finished product but it may be my favorite quilt yet!! Scrap quilts are my destiny I am sure of it, I much prefer making something from nothing than spending a fortune on fabric and stressing about whether I can do the fabric justice.


  1. I agree with you entirely about scrappy quilts!! You did a really lovely job on yours!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous Marianne! I'm so glad you were inspired by my tutorial, and I totally agree- the back is just as wonderful as the front!

    I'm so happy you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday too!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. That is definitely a two sided quilt. Nice job on using up the scraps! Fun quilt top.

  4. Oh wow! this scrappy quilt is beautiful! It has such a wonderful presence about it! How fun to use up lots of scraps for both the quilt top and quilt back! Great job!

  5. double sided wow, both sides are delightful

  6. Looks great! Bring it tomorrow so we can see it in person!

    1. Sorry I missed Sunday, I will look forward to seeing you next time and will bring the scrappy quilt then (if i remember)

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

  8. Wow, that has certainly used up a lot of scraps! Good work!

  9. hi, visiting from Val's today. I just love this one! How've you been Marianne? Haven't heard from you in a while over at not afraid of color! I'm headed to your home page to see what you are doing this week! LeeAnna Paylor


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