Dog jacket no. 2

Today I felt like 'playing' in my sewing room. My friend Val recently posted a blog entry about the rewards of 'play' and it has inspired me to have more fun sewing this year.

So I started with a scrap of batting backed with a scrap of white fabric:

And this pile of strip scraps randomly chosen from my scrap bin:

Using a quilt as you go method to apply each strip I made this:

A bit of bias binding to edge it plus strapping and velcro to finish it off and Ebony will be toasty warm for the rest of this winter!

You may recal I made this one for Henry a couple of weeks ago:

So now both my darlings have a patchwork quilted dog jacket!!

These were both experimental projects to see how home made dog jackets would work and I am definitely going to tweak the pattern and make some more, that will be even better.

 I LOVE playing with scraps


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