Inspirations to quilt

I was inspired by a fellow blogger Val : to share the first quilts that I ever owned, it has taken me a while to get around to it but these are definitely the inspirations behind my quilting obsession.

When I had my first son in 1991 my husbands maternal grandmother made him this quilt, it is cot sized with fun pictures and hexagon flowers appliqued onto a solid background the layers were not quilted together except where the applique is applied, it was well used and loved and I am keeping it safe for when he has children of his own:

This is another quilt that was made for my son Thomas' birth. This was made by my childhood  neighbor Diane who I used to babysit for as a teenager. She is an amazing quilter and this is an absolutely awe inspiring baby quilt:

And my maternal grandmother in her declining years spent her hours knitting each of her grandchildren (and she had 10 kids so that is a LOT of grandchildren) a colorful blanket, here is mine displayed on the rocking chair:

These are very large blankets about double/full bed size I think.

I also have a knitted white receiving blanket that my aunty Pixie made for Thomas on her knitting machine, it is obviously packed away safely with the baby clothes and toys in a box that is buried at the bottom of my sewing closet, I will dig it out one day and share it too.

All of these quilts are now over 20 years old and although I have moved many times during that period including emigrating to the USA these treasures have and will follow me where ever I go until I can trust my sons to cherish them as much as I have LOL.

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