Broken Herringbone Quilt

About 6 to 8 months ago I started this quilt but today I finally finished it!

I adore the backing! Each color block was backed in the color that matches the 'bones' of the block.

Using this QAYG method there is a line of topstitching on the sashing that is visible on the back of the quilt - see it to the left of the sashing in this photo:

So that it wasn't going to interfere with the lovely backing fabrics I used Sulky invisible thread for that step so that it would be barely visible on the front or the back. I am happy I did that it has turned out great!

And since I was using the invisible thread I decided to do a machine binding by sewing the binding onto the back and folding it to the front then top-stitching it down, the invisible thread meant that the stitching line that is just inside the binding on the back of the quilt when you do this is also barely visible!

And the top-stitching on the front of the binding suits this project because all of the sashing is top-stitched anyway and I did straight line quilting on the bones for each block.

This method does make it quite difficult to line up the blocks when attaching the rows, because there is sashing already attached between the blocks that obscures your view of the points, so my third row wasn't quite aligned properly but I can live with it.

This also happened on a few of my scrappy QAYG quilt points but it wasn't as obvious on that quilt because of the neutral sashing, this black sashing highlighted the problem! So I would keep that in mind when choosing colors if I used this method in future.

It is great to have another finish done for 2014!

So far in 2014 I have completed: 

  • 3 cushion covers
  • 7 dog jackets
  • 6 quilts

So my passion for finishing WIPs and UFOs is paying off, it is a lot of fun finishing what you start.
I love finishes!!!


  1. Wow Marianne! You have been a busy lady. Everything looks great!

  2. It really did turn out beautiful! The black sashing really makes those colors pop!!

  3. wow is all I can say. I am fascinated with the way you have done this, it must have been so hard to put all the narrow strips of the plain colours on each block, are they added after you have made each with the patterned fabric or how do you do it? It is a real beauty

  4. Yes Margaret the blocks are made first then quilted individually. Then all the sashing is applied:

  5. I absolutely love the bright colors...esp photographed against the snow!!! Inspiring finishes this week!! :)

  6. I love your quilt! It's great that the back is a beautiful as the front:)

  7. so clever, and I think the finish photos on the snow are so fun! Fave is the dog with you on the header.

  8. I've seen other Herringbone quilts, but yours is my favorite. The colors are great and I love how you did the backing. The quilting looks so cool on the back. Love your Maltipoo! I have one also--Miko.


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