Thrifty Thursday

I bought this sewing machine last month in a ReNew upscale retail store, it is one of my favorite ever thrifty finds. It was originally $169 and I was tempted but when it was $75 the next week, I just had to have it :) It will be great to sew on once hubby has time to help me problem solve an issue with the bobbin alignment.

The cabinet is in excellent condition, but it is the turquoise/teal color of the machine that made it a must have.

I have named her Opal because the color reminds me of opal gemstones from Lightning Ridge in N.S.W, Australia that are one of my favorite gemstones.

Yes she is sewing machine number 9, but until I buy a house and have space for a longarm, I think she'll be the last for a while, I am running out of space in my apartment LOL.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. Every week I read your Thrifty Thursday, I always wish we lived closer and I could go shopping with you for just one day!! You find the best treasures! Opal is a great addition to your collection.

  2. Ok, you are going to have to start a sewing machine museum soon!


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