Mini May Miracle!!!!

Three weeks and one day ago I bought a sewing machine at Goodwill. It was a Rocketeer which for me as a sewing machine collector was the Holy Grail find!!!! Well that day I was overwhelmed by my luck! I bought the machine only and donated the ugly laminate cabinet in fairly poor condition straight back to Goodwill, they just unscrewed the machine from the cabinet for me right there in store. But....

After the busiest 3 weeks in a long time due to my work and my son being home on summer break and needing me to drive him to work and back a 3 hr round trip each day. Hubby and I finally found time yesterday to plug it in and test it as well and clean and oil it. Keep in mind I am not very familiar with Singer vintage zig-zag machines... 

I realized whilst hubby and I were 'playing' with my new toy last night that I hadn't thought to check the cabinet at Goodwill for a parts box and manual. BLOODY ROOKIE MISTAKE, you wouldn't think I was so versed in thrifting for vintage machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will admit I was awestruck by this $40 find.

Anyway I was disappointed in my mistake but didn't give it much more thought until this afternoon, I had friends over for lunch so my housework was done, I sewed all day yesterday and I guess I was 'bored' for want of a better term. So I thought what the heck I will drive the 30 mins to that Goodwill to make sure the cabinet and therefore possibly parts weren't still there. Keep in mind the turnover of stock in these thrift stores is astronomical normally but it was a 50% off sale day last Saturday and it's been 3 weeks and 1 day!!!

But they were there!!!

Then the cashier remembered me buying the machine and didn't make me pay for them!!! Yahoo.  So my darling Rocketeer has been reunited with her attachments:

 The attachment box contains the cams which need to be changed for the machine to be able to do the various stitches! So the machine couldn't be fully functioning without those parts.

That black cog is the zig-zag cam the box contained several more of them
And not only was the deity of sewing machines smiling on me today but the Pyrex gods were on my side too, so a  few extras followed me home:

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