Thrifty Thursday

Making money... slowly

So this week you guessed it I am being thrifty by making money!! I added three new paper piecing block  patterns to my Craftsy store:

I created these patterns for my own use but I might as well try to sell them once they are designed!

I have had my Craftsy store since 2013 and my patterns have been downloaded or bought 142 times so far!
This year I've made $27, it's not a lot but it's better than the patterns being stored on my computer and not making money at all!

Adventurous Quilter


  1. I absolutely agree. I mean 27 bucks is 27 bucks. And it's pretty motivating to think your patterns have been bought 142 times! Very cool! Congrats.

  2. I agree as well! You're doing great!


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