Friday Finish

 It's a while since I've had a Friday Finish! I've been travelling and sick and just uninspired, but this week I finally got some time in the sewing room.

This castle baby quilt is a gift for a friend. And of course I finally get a finish for the first time in a month and its too wet outside to photograph out there LOL

I like how the castle block turned out so I can't wait to try the turrets version I designed last week
So the gift is ready to give, I think I'll make a pretty pink gift bag from the scraps using the simple and useful Green Bag Lady pattern:


  1. Marianne!!! THIS came out so cute!!! Always love the idea of making a matching, reuseable gift bag...going to "steal" that idea!! Thanks!

  2. what a lovely quilt and yes a bag to go with it is a great idea. I am in the process of making a quilt that folds back on itself into a bag, that is if I can understand the instructions!

  3. That turn out really cute! I like making the matching bags! I'm glad you've finally gotten a chance to do some sewing. :-)


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