I am finding it hard to get back into sewing this year for various reasons. Not the least of which is my crowded sewing room, but I am focusing on pattern design most days when I have time to be in my sewing room. This is a block I designed recently that I am eager to try out when I can drag myself away from the computer!


  1. I have not done a ton of quilting and I found it was because my room was overwhelming! I am in the process now of cleaning and organizing it and soon it turned into organizing the whole house! Well, at least my next quilting break I will have nothing else on my to do list! LOL! I love your block! That is going to be so fun to do! Happy New Year!

    1. Yes Babrbara I have been the same, the whole apartment is being reorganized, but the sewing room is the last bastion of disorganization!! It is better this week than last week and I am making progress but it is exhausting ;)


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