Quilting Scrappy Tops

I am finally finding the time to quilt some quilt tops that I finished at the quilt club fall retreat last year!

I have quilted 4 tops in a basic meandering FMQing today and it feels good to be finally getting somewhere on my pile of tops to be quilted which is at least 10 quilts deep.

I love it when the morning sun shines through my quilt tops!

The first quilt I tackled was a brightly colored triangle lap quilt:

Then a mauve baby quilt:

And a pink and yellow baby quilt:

Then finally a blue scrappy tumbler quilt:

I am going to keep spray basting and quilting this week until I run out of spray baste, batting or backing LOL. Once they are all quilted I will take my Juki in for servicing and use one of my vintage sewing machines for a couple of weeks.

The binding can wait for now! I am intending on using the binding method that is simply folding the backing to the front on many of these. Some will be charity quilts and some I will keep.


  1. Looks like those antibiotics have kicked in! So glad you are feeling better and back to sewing.

  2. I too am really happy that you are feeling much better! You do such lovely quilting with that meandering! I guess that one day I will have to try that again!

  3. Glad you are feeling better now!! You are a busy bee!! I'm so scared to try free motion quilting!! What do you suggest I do? I have a good machine, and the foot, and everyting, just nerves!!!!!

    1. Watching some youtube video tutorials helped me to learn the basics of how and then it's just practice. Start on scraps and move up to something small like a cushion cover or mini quilt until you gain confidence. But start with simple meandering or loops, don't over reach and try a pretty pattern when you are a beginner or the frustration may deter you.

    2. do you use the gloves and how heavy does the spray basting need to be? I usually pin.

    3. Sewing machines don't like spray baste it can affect tension, increase thread breakage etc fairly light application and reinforce with some pins is my recommendation. I used the gloves initially as I learned to FMQ but I no longer use them.


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