10 days later

OMG 10 days later and my sewing room is still tidy after my marathon cleaning day!

My sewing table only has a few Green Bag Lady Bags sitting on it that I sewed yesterday:

My cutting table has the next 2 projects I'd like to get to sitting ready to tackle and just a few odds and ends on the left side:

The ironing at least found it's way into a basket:

Ebony loves her new dog bed position in a corner by the door
However my WIPs and UFOs pile is growing not getting smaller, all the tubs are full and I keep stacking on top:

And don't get me started thinking about the scrap pile that needs cutting up!

But my sewing room is 'tidy enough' to feel like my sanctuary again. In fact I have started meditating in here daily to help my migraines, I may even buy a comfortable chair for this room to meditate in. It's handy because I can play the MP3 files, Youtube clips etc on my computer. This is the meditation I did yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7iBnp8T6nY with a little focus on what I WANT I have managed to enjoy sewing again and finish some projects I have been wanting to get done! Yahoo!!!!!!!!

What's left to do:

  • buttons to sew on a jacket
  • fabric to cut for a sewing class May 8 and 9
  • 4 quilts to bind
  • Green Bag Lady Bags to sew
  • cut up the scraps
And then I tackle the WIPs and UFOs!

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