CRQC BOM pattern testing

Today I am back in my MESSY sewing room!

Yes it really is that bad  but we are moving into our new house within the next month so I have no intention of tidying it up just to make a mess packing LOL

So I have my small cutting mat next to my machine, which I NEVER usually do, I prefer to move to my big cutting table to trim. But needs must:

And these are the three blocks I have pattern tested today:

I have made the star and double arrows blocks before but not in this size. Even when the only change to a block is it's dimensions I like to pattern test to make sure it prints and sews to the correct dimensions.

These blocks are for my Castle Rock Quilt Club BOM pattern:

So 6 blocks are completed, 10 to go!


  1. Glad that you could sneak in a little time to sew. It's been a while since I've done any. but we did get the third bedroom set up finally. I ended up getting a day bed for that room!


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