Rainbow Scrap Challenge block 2

Yesterday it snowed all day so i spent the morning sewing. This was the view from my sewing machine desk:

We got plenty of snow!

I managed to get the February block done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge :-) these were the scraps i had to use :

And this is how the block turned out:

I should've reversed the colors so there was more brown and less pink but it's still a great scrap block. And it looks terrific next to block one:

Some time later this month I'll make some easy improv blocks with the remaining pink and brown scraps to go in two other scrappy WIP quilts.


  1. I love that block!!! Is it one of your own patterns? (I don't know how to remove my 'no reply', so I'm including my email address: lynnstck(at)yahoo(dot)com)

    1. There is a link towards the bottom of my tutorials tab that explains how to fix the no reply problem. I have to use it when mine resets to no reply because i can never remember how to fix it :-) And I've sent you an email with the pattern file.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Alison I'm enjoying this Pentagonal Star block project a lot it blends my two loves paper piecing and scraps.

  3. what an amazing block, take it the dogs did not get buried in all that snow


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