Modern Embroidery

I've always loved embroidery and my first quilt featured an embroidered block in the centre, so even then almost four years ago I was merging quilting and embroidery. My latest embroidery project is based on adult coloring pages by Johanna Basford. I finished the squirrel block today, which is the third block I've finished so far.

I can't wait to start piecing this quilt together!


  1. what a lovely squirrel, such a good idea fr a sampler of stitches must investigate this as I want to do a sampler but could not decide how to go about it, rather fancy a large cat one

  2. I love your use of colors! Looking forward to the finished quilt. Keep up the good work.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing these come together into a quilt as they are beautiful.

  4. so much inspiration in coloring books. I buy them and think I'll do something with the image, and lookie what you did!! LeeAnna


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