Couch Cushions

I've gotten two couch cushion projects out of my 'to be quilted' pile in the last few days!

This paper pieced tractor block was made about 2 years ago and last year I put some borders around it to make it cushion sized, but it didn't get quilted and made into a cushion cover until now! C'mon that is crazy! TWO YEARS TO MAKE A CUSHION COVER! Ludicrous! So pleased to be slowly demolishing my WIP pile.

This simple 2.5" squares (cowboy hat fabric and brown) cushion cover block I made at the January CRQC quilt retreat so it isn't as old:

So I am slowly getting a selection of fun cushions made for our new leather couch:


Beware! Because we have two dogs who are allowed on the couch, I like my couch pillows to be washable and have always used crumb foam, but recently I decided using feather bed pillows was a good idea instead. So I cut one pillow to make two cushion inserts.

But... Beware the label doesn't read 'crushed waterfowl feather' if you try this, it took ages to clean up the mess!!! It did make great inserts though


  1. I love the tractor pillow the best but even more like them all collected together on the couch! Looking good!!


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