Scrap sorting

As I slowly get over the viral colitis I've had all week I'm starting to want to be busy despite low energy. So yesterday afternoon I sat on the couch and sorted my two inch squares into piles. Mostly color sorted.

In amongst them I even found a couple of hundred hst units, offcuts left from making the Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice mystery quilt a couple of years ago! They should make a great small quilt!

I did this scrap sorting so that I can make myself a scrap quilt similar to this charity quilt I recently finished:

6 blocks each 36 scrappy squares. Those squares were 2.5 inch and the ones I am sorting are 2 inch but that will still make a decent sized lap quilt especially if I add a scrappy squares border.

I had enough squares for the blocks (216 squares) but may need to cut more from scrappy strips to make the border eventually!