Scrap sorting

As I slowly get over the viral colitis I've had all week I'm starting to want to be busy despite low energy. So yesterday afternoon I sat on the couch and sorted my two inch squares into piles. Mostly color sorted.

In amongst them I even found a couple of hundred hst units, offcuts left from making the Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice mystery quilt a couple of years ago! They should make a great small quilt!

I did this scrap sorting so that I can make myself a scrap quilt similar to this charity quilt I recently finished:

6 blocks each 36 scrappy squares. Those squares were 2.5 inch and the ones I am sorting are 2 inch but that will still make a decent sized lap quilt especially if I add a scrappy squares border.

I had enough squares for the blocks (216 squares) but may need to cut more from scrappy strips to make the border eventually!


  1. sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but glad you're feeling a little better. sorting my scraps is something I really want to get to...I did a color sort a few months ago but I've seen many people cut their scraps to a few standard sizes and I'd like to do that too.

    1. Yes Sharon I cut my scraps into 2, 2.5, 3 & 4 inch squares as well as 2.5 inch strips and string strips (less than 2.5 inches). The four inch squares I don't really love so I may start cutting them into 2 inch squares instead for that super scrappy look on future projects. But cutting them is time consuming so you have to be in the right mood!

  2. hope yu are now feeling better, I too get my scraps out and have a sort out sometimes I quite enjoy seeing them all out and the different shapes sizes etc have plans for a scrap quilt and hope to start it soon.

  3. Ohhhh so gladyou are feeling better. Hopefully you found some eye-spy fabrics!! (PS: I'm going to to host a swap this summer!! I'll let ya know when.) :)


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