The Lull

If you are thinking I've been quiet lately, you are right. I had house guests in June then during July two things happened.

1. I decided to tick a fitness goal off my bucket list.

So I trained almost every day and finally cycled up a mountain pass! 1607 feet of elevation gain in 5.5 miles. It was a very fast trip down the pass LOL but all up the 11 miles took 2 hours 15 minutes

That is me cycling up - hubby took this great photo whilst he waited for me to catch up.

2. We got a puppy - so I have been outside a lot toilet training her

This is Zoe the Dachsund Yorkie cross she's only about 3lbs at the moment and 13 weeks old

So  I have barely sewn a stitch but this is my August block for the Adventurous Stars BOM I am hosting, which is the only sewing I have done all month!!!!

Later this week I start my new full time education assistant job so my sewing and designing may be a bit more sporadic, but I am enriching my soul by going back to the work I LOVE, educating kids.