Scrap Happy

Some days attacking the scraps happens one ugly fabric nine patch at a time...

I dislike both these fabrics but I'm betting that once it's in a scrappy nine patch quilt I won't even notice them!

I'm gonna try and do several nine patch blocks a week to bust my scrap stash! I have two current nine patch WIPs one with 3" squares and one with 2.5" squares. The two inch squares I sew into 100 patch blocks for another scrappy quilt.

I love basic scrappy quilts 😍😁


  1. Ugly fabric just works in scrappy quilts 👍🏻

  2. Every scrappy quilt needs a few good "dog" patches. I think it will look great in a quilt, and nine-patch is my favorite pattern!

    1. Yes i agree nine patches are fabulous simple blocks that look great and really suit scraps 😁😍 I like my scrap quilts to be so simple I can whip up a block in five minutes or less, so the blocks accumulate easily 😉


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