Stitching away the sickness blues

I've been sick for over four weeks!! I've taken some leave from work to allow for recovery. But I didn't even feel well enough to go sew in my studio today 🤔

So my sewing machine sat idle.

But I did pull out my embroidery sewing box and finally finish the last of my Johanna Basford embroidery quilt blocks 😍


  1. Do hope you are feeling better soon. It's no fun being too sick to sew!
    Best wishes from Jenny - New Zealand

  2. Embroidery can be so relaxing. I hope you are feeling better soon. 4 weeks is a long time to be ill.

  3. I love this stitching series of yours! Four weeks...oh no!!! It must be a nasty virus. Are ya feeling better?

  4. this is so cute. oh my, I really do hope you are well on the way to full recovery.

  5. Sorry to hear you have been sick for so long. I will pray you get better quickly. Your embroidery block is so cute. Glad you felt good enough to work on that.


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