Future Quilts

I am making such great progress culling my WIP and UFO collection that I am beginning to really enjoy looking at all my fabric and thinking about possibilities! 

But as an educator I can feel my summer sliding by sooooo quickly. These are my summer plans:
  • this week driving to the Regional Quilt Festival in Kansas City (http://kcrqf.com/) with quilty friends and we'll stop in at Missouri Star whilst travelling that way too. 
  • The week after Hubby and I are headed to Grand Junction for several days to cycle at the Colorado National Monument. 
  • Then I have 2 weeks in Australia visiting family. 
  • After all that I will only have 3 weeks of break left OMG! Not a wonder I have been sewing like crazy person LOL.

But all that stitchin' is getting me closer to choosing fabric and starting a fresh project late in the summer, goodness knows what I will make but I have plenty of time to decide :) Here's a few things I saw whilst looking at quilts on google images that I want to try:

I also want to make an entire quilt using this arrows block pattern of mine, so maybe I might do that... We'll see where my late summer whim takes me when the time comes.