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  1. Here are my answers:
    How long have you been quilting? - approx. 34 years now. I started a sampler quilt class and by the time I had finished hand piecing my sampler quilt, I had 2-3 other quilts started.
    When did you learn to sew? - first year of high school it was compulsory and at the end of that year I dropped sewing, started sewing Barbie doll clothes for my daughter and then discovered patchwork quilting
    Who taught you to sew? - a very grumpy Home Economics teacher at high school, the reason why I dropped out at the end of that year
    What's your favourite quilt pattern? - would have to be Churn Dash, how I love that traditional pattern and still make it every now and again. I also am so in love with Storm at Sea, so many variations with that pattern.
    Where do you sew? I wish it was a studio but alas it is not. I sew on the dining room table as the natural light is so good. As there is only hubby and I, we eat around the chaos.
    How much time do you spend sewing each week? - as I am retired, I sew 8-10 hours a day, most days. I like to work on a few projects at a time, right now as it is winter time and cold, I am spending most days quilting. I baste/pin 5-6 quilt tops at one time and then get them all quilted with binding on ready to sew down.
    What do you want to try / learn next? - I want to do an Art quilt, throw my OCD out the window and just throw scraps onto a background fabric, and free motion quilt it. Oh did I say that I don't do free motion quilting, even though I quilt ALL my quilts.

    I hope to see other quilters answers to these questions.

  2. How long quilting? about 15 years.
    Learned to sew as a child by parents.
    Mariner's Comapass is my favorite.
    Hand sewing anywhere, machine sewing in Dining room.
    I would like to be comfortable machine sewing, I need more practice.


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