Feeling refreshed

It's been a crazy October. I had my kitchen painted - yes it's blue! I spent a week in Peru with my darling husband and I decided to quit my day job and go back to substitute teaching so I can travel with him more.

So I'm feeling refreshed and revitalized I can't wait to finish work on December 1 and get on with my new life plan 😍


  1. You have good taste! That blue is lovely. What a good decision too, spending time with a beloved husband. Enjoy all you do.

  2. Love, love, love the blue cabinets!! And Peru looks gorgeous too!

  3. Yes...your kitchen looks great! (I like the "kitchen" sign) Congrats on your new life adventure.

  4. Oh, that's awesome! Congratulations on making such a huge life decision - you won't regret it! And the blue kitchen is fabulous. Years ago I had a blue kitchen and loved it.


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