Kitchenalia quilt design finished 4yrs later

I designed three Pyrex themed quilt blocks four years ago and always meant to design other kitchenalia blocks and complete a quilt design. So whilst my foot was in a  stability boot I decided now is the time! These are the two layouts I've come up with:

These two variations will be offered on my website as a BOM in 2019 concurrently with my Daybreak at the Barn pattern 💕💖♥️😍

I collect vintage kitchenalia especially Pyrex and I do like to cook. This week I came up with a new soup recipe :

It was very yummy 😍😍😍


  1. ohh this COOK BOM looks wonderful. thanks for sharing your soup recipe.

  2. What a fun BOM and it's "so you". I like both layouts...can't wait to see it made and hanging in your "new" kitchen.


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