Book Publication!

After designing and making this quilt then offering it on my website in 2016 as a free BOM nothing prepared me for how pretty the book would be when I held the first glossy cover in my hands 👌💖

When drafting, collating, editing etc it is just a word document or a flash player digital preview of the book to flick through that looks like this.

But when the first proof copy arrived yesterday I was thrilled with how it turned out!

So I did the final proof checking things like block measurements to make sure the printing process didn't alter pattern pieces etc then I approved it for sales!!! It is available on Amazon now Adventurous Stars on Amazon  (there will be a permanent link at the top of my left sidebar and on my Books tab above) 😍😱💕

The proof of my second book Scrappy Adventures my 2015 free BOM design is due to arrive today, I hope it's just as good...


  1. Congratulations on your book! That sounds like a real rush. The book looks great and it would be fun to try to make the quilt. I also glad that the blocks are paper pieced, it turns out such a nice look.

  2. congratulations. such a pretty cover

    1. Thanks Lori I appreciate that feedback! I wanted a crisp modern looking cover and am happy with how it turned out :)

  3. YEAH!!!!!! The cover color just say pick me up and buy me!! So happy for you. You have shared so many free blocks it is certainly a great Karma payback. I am very happy for you! Hope it sells beyond your expectations.


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