Photo Challenge

I've been posting my challenge photos daily on Instagram and in my Facebook group but due to the fact that I've been traveling to Western Australia (that's three flights over a period of 30hrs) and then we were house hunting like rabid dogs for two days to find a house that we'd like to retire to in ten years, I've been a little remiss with the blog

Day 11 tools of the trade and Day 12 practical

I keep my notions simple, I don't own a trillion rulers or fancy pins, I try to stick to the basics! I'm a practical no nonsense girl who just likes to have crafty fun!

Day 13 storage

I have heaps of fantastic storage in my sewing studio 😍

Day 14 design

My designing happens in our home office 😁

So please forgive my tardy uploads whilst I enjoy the gorgeous WA sunshine and beaches with my Mr Adventure

We did choose a house, so fingers crossed until settlement day in Early June! We'll rent it out for now and retire to it later.

Eventually I will have two rooms to replace my current basement studio. One is this "activity room" which will be my main cutting, sewing, pressing space and one of the bedrooms right next to it will be where I store my fabric, vintage sewing machine collection, batting etc

I'm jet lagged, exhausted, excited and hopeful. Future life planning is such fun πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–πŸ’•