A quilt finish!

I finally got my double sided HST star quilt quilted and bound today! 

I machine bind and my mitered corners are pretty neat these days when I can be bothered to do them neatly 🤣

I couldn't decide if I wanted brown or turquoise thread 🤔

But it's a double sided quilt so I did both! Brown on one side, turquoise on the other 👌💖 I adore this Sulky rayon thread in turquoise!

And once it was quilted this small pile of narrow trimmings is all I took off the edges! I love doing double sided quilts and it's relatively easy if you are a spray baster 😀

I chose half square triangle designs for this quilt because it makes it so easy to make both sides the same size but different designs.

Side 1

Side 2

Which side do you prefer?

I like side 2 best.

Have you tried to do a double sided quilt?