Orphan Block Odyssey

My Orphan Block Odyssey task for this month was to quilt and bind all the quilts I had made so far in 2018 for the OBO challenge!

I did manage to get 5 of them quilted! Along with a few other charity quilt tops.
I have temporarily misplaced the January quilt, so it'll have to wait! 

So this month I added 6 quilts to my charity quilt bag! 4 were Orphan Block Odyssey quilts that for the quilt top I used an orphan block and only fabrics from my de-stash or scrap pile! What a great way to use up the stash fabrics I no longer need/want and make sure my hours toiling on previously unused blocks are not wasted!

The castle quilt top I did as an OBO challenge earlier this year will be a gift for a work colleague that is having a baby girl soon!

If you worked on an Orphan Block Project recently share your post for the link up and inspire others to stop hoarding and hiding their unused quilt blocks from past projects 👌👍