Sunday Fun 💖👌

This morning hubby and I bought this gorgeous vintage rocking chair at Goodwill it will sit in the corner of my sewing studio, I'll use it to meditate, display quilts and cushions, dump junk on 😂😜 etc.

And I challenged myself and others on Instagram and Facebook to pick the ugliest/least liked fabric in their stash to sew a block or make a project of some sort by Sunday evening August 19 🤣

This is the fabric I challenged myself to use, it's a dated Kaufman print.

I chose my Hollow Pentagonal Star pattern from my upcoming Pentagonal stars book release (due for release late September)

I like the block, the solids I used certainly diffused the ugliness of this dated fabric! I might even make more blocks to go with this one... We'll see 🤔

Do you have any fabrics in your stash you don't love?